Thursday, January 29, 2009

Name that House

One of the things I LOVE about England is their house names,like .."The Old Hall" ,or "Rose Cottage" oh its just so so romantic, homey, inviting... And..since I'll probley never live in England I want to name my house. If you havn't been to my home you can see the picture. Our home has an "open door policy", your always welcome.

Some of the things our home and yard are about are...grandchildren....growing flowers and vegtables, grandpas fruit trees, our beehives,goats, and chickens and lots of love and peace. I was going to say serenity but ..not very often.

Can't wait to hear some of your ideas!


  1. There is always the obvious "Grandma's Cottage", but I will have to think about it. How fun!

  2. My vote is for "Honey Goat House".

  3. Ok, "Honeycomb House" is pretty cute, and your home does tend to be a fairly busy place. Still, I think we ought to keep looking.