Monday, January 26, 2009

Peanut Butter Hearts?? Did I really need those? (YES!)

Lia and I both got this little wicker shelf to put...get this!...our threads in! That was her idea and a great one it was. Now I just need to get my thread supply back up again...won't it be cute!Of course it was on sale! Of course! (that always makes it alright, right?) I know my mom believed that and mom's are always right!

Lia was over this week-end with her holligans! The holligans were dying to see the goats and their dads out to sea so this was a good week-end! Lia and I made our ritual trip to target . I think it was rubber gloves for the kids so they could learn to clean the tolits?? Lia realized later we'd forgotten those but we did manage to find other things that were jumping in our carts! My cute little thermos wasn't bought just because of the cute flowers and little bird....I acutally have been thinking it'd be nice to have something to take my tea in when I go out. I'v tried the mug before and that didn't work out real well for me. So, isn't it cute!

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