Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sun Glorious Sun!

Someone LOVES us very much!

Or Knows we were all about
to go CRAZY! From Lack of

Vitamin D
Theres just something about waking up and having the sun shining! Now don't get me wrong I love those foggy rainy days where the fog hangs in the air and it makes you think of "Twilight"!!(for you twilight fans). But, my body has been telling me the past few weeks that I needed some sun. It just wasn't feeling at its best. My manly man will second that. The goats made me happy but working out in the yard (with manly man) really made my body feel better yesterday.Thank-you! We cleaned up from all the winter storms..........with lots more to do! Can I tell you I hate cedar trees, there so darn weepy. I wish when we had all our other cedar trees taken out years ago we'd had these two front ones taken out also. but.........then we wouldn't have a branch for our baby swing and that would be sad!
We cut down our butterfly bush(hah more like tree!)
I never did see butterflies, bees or the like. In its place................I'm so excited.........a beautiful japanese maple. Can't wait to pick it out. Oh, and it was so exciting to see the BEES flying! I could almost feel spring around the corner. And being the sun is shining again today, I'm off for a walk. Want to come?
Come on, lets soak in this sun.

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