Monday, February 9, 2009

day five

i took my first cab ride today! and I took my second cab ride home! It was great since my head thing was making me really sick to my stomach. I love you hotel room.

O.K. girls...................I have the most fun valentine thing going on for someone.(how I wish I could do it for everybody).

so darn it, make some comments so I can put your name in the drawing...rachel beth, elizabeth ann, sarah joye ..ect.............

love you


  1. Since I am your biggest fan, I think you should get entered for each post you make a comment on. I love you Mom!!!

  2. Hi Linda. Did you get my comment from the other day? Tomorrow morning (if it doesn't snow too much) I have an 8 a.m. appt to see a Bereavement Counselor with the Hospice program.

    I sure hope you write more about your day than just a cab ride. Come on girl. Tell all...

    See you Saturday at DAR meeting. Love, Candy

  3. Oh my goodness! I've been letting Lucy cry for about ten minutes each night and then rock her to sleep, but I think it's working! Two minutes! Hopefully it isn't just a fluke! Was your cab clean? I always imagine cabs to be kinda dirty.

  4. I was just telling the girls that I've never been in a cab. I hope you'e having fun! Today we did some twillight touring!

  5. Mom, I hope this post isn't too nagging to count...I'm really worried about your headaches! Can you go see someone there? Emergency room? Keep your cellphone right with you, so you can call 911!

  6. I agree with Annalia, you really should get that checked out. Lv ya!