Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentine's day

well, today's the day girl's ! I'm going to draw a name out of the hat......................and it is............BECKY! congrates Becky.(just warning you Lias going to try to talk you out of the Nora Jones CD)

O.K. now the second drawing for a cute little plate(I can't get pictures to upload today)....................and that!

Well, that was fun! to the rest of you Happy Valentines Day! Love you All!!


  1. Man! I knew you liked her best. :) Just wanted to let you hear those words again.

  2. 2/15/09 (Our 6th Anniversary)
    Hi Linda. If I'm a winner, it is only because YOU'RE a WINNER in my eyes. We will have to get together sometime soon... After the Home & Garden Show, and after I finish Brad's Scrapbook (maybe before then, though). I did start it today, though.

    Can you please tell me what time my ward meets for Sacrament, and Relief Society?

    I tried calling you on Saturday after DAR meeting. Boy you missed a wonderful meeting. But you should phone ROSE MITCHAM at 425-835-0169 and try to set-up an appointment with her to figure out your next step to becoming a member. Gee! Sisters in a wonderful group! Want to hear from you really soon! Love, Candy