Sunday, February 15, 2009

home and garden show

well, I'm starting to feel alittle stressed about this next week.....breath Linda....breath.For the last couple years we've done a booth at the Home and Garden show in Seattle. Its a huge, spectacular, show and it is terrible fun to be a part of. Our booth is totally to do with "mason" bee's not honey bee's. If you don't know what a mason bee is it and you'll find it pretty interesting. Mason bee's are totally for pollinating and nothing else. Alot of the big orchards are using mason bee's now, since our honey bee problems. A few years ago Jim got a call from the almond growers in Calif. asking for mason bee's, they were franic that their trees wouldn't get pollinated that year. For some people mason bees are like pets and their very concerned pet owners. At the booth we sell, mason bee houses, tools, dvd's, and cocoons. Our biggest problem is Jim keeping his voice all week! Alot of teaching goes on. This year were having a guest helper..............Rachel! Our ll yrs. old granddaughter from Portland. I'll pick her up Tues. night so she can be ready to work bright and early Wed. morning. Grandpa's counting on her to run the cash register.So.............Tomarrow I'v got to get black material to make table cloths for two tables, go to costco and buy a couple fruit trees for part of our decorations and find something to put in our little window boxes.(I'll show you a picture later).And while all this is going on this week, our daughter Rachel will be holding down the store. Wed. I get to watch her sweet ones one day and Becky and Beth have begged for them the other days. So, you can see it's definately a family thing. I'll do Fri. at the show.....which is so fun, even though I hate selling, Jims so good at it. He's got volunteers coming on the other days to help out. The plus about going is you get to see the show. Last year I got to see Sally Fields talk about her love of gardening, that was awesome............memories........the flying nun...... and.....................

being the new cannery specialist for our ward ..I think I have to be at a cannery session this week..guess I'd better find out huh?

O.K. after writing all this down I'm not sure if I feel less stressed or more? .......I know I'll get through...lots of prayer is always my back-up.


  1. Daddy's looking desperatly for help on Fri.afternoon til ticket..I'll be there too but I'm not a real good saler..come on Lia do it

  2. Hi Linda, Wow you are really busy. I hope things go well for you at the home show. Where have all the bees gone anyway. I heard that they have died off due to pesticides. We live in wine country, central california. There are over 200 vineyards around us. there used to be more almond groves and olive groves, but not so many now.
    You have a wonderful family. The pictures of your house are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Beth, barn owl studio