Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sometimes its just fun to look at pretty

The huge gardens at the show were jaw
dropping to say the least!
I wish I'd had time to
get more pictures!

My picture taking dosn't do these
cute little displays justice!
they certainly made me
want to create!

I'm kinda into birds......I love to watch them,
listen to them, and craft with them.
There's a fun blog called "The Feathered Nest"
that has some fun downloads so I decided to
do a bird motif in my kitchen corner. My manly
man bought me a beautiful bird feeder for
Valentine's Day and I'v gotten so much enjoy-
ment out of it.


  1. Where's the picture of your bird feeder? Wish I could have gone to the garden show!

  2. I love the rows of potted plants. How tall were they?

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. Your photos are wonderful. what a peacefull home you have created.
    You asked if that was my craft room? No thats my living room. On Art Day I kick my husband out and we set up in the garage if its nice, or the living room if it's too cold. There is great light in that room.
    My studio will seat 3 people. It's our spare room I converted. I'll post some pictures sometime.
    Hope you're haveing a good week.

    Beth Fuller

  4. Hi Girls. I just love your little Bird Corner in your kitchen. Your home is always so warm and inviting, Linda. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Maybe you can come to the next DAR meeting, 3/14/09. We will have a Guest Speaker who is a darling, positive lady who is a Holocost Survivor. I'm excited for you to prove your Livermore line. Let me know if you want to meet a the LDS Library sometime. Love, Candy