Saturday, March 7, 2009

10 reasons why I love my hubby

I'v accepted my daughter's challenge to write 10 things we love about our husbands.
To set the I write this on my laptop my hubby is curled up next to me, snoring away. ......... Even his snoring is enduring.

1. I love that Jim just wants me to be happy.

2. Jim knows how to work hard for his family, he always put in a hard days work for who ever he worked for.

3. Jim endures my t.v. shows he detests just so he can spend time with me. Its hard for an X FBI man to watch detective shows.

4. Jim makes me laugh, I love when he teases me.Whenever he was away from home things just wern't the same. When he came home everyone was happier.

5. Jim loves his children and grandchildren like a papa bear.He literally will do anything for them.

6. Jim has complete integrity, I so admire that about him. He lives what he believes.

7. He'll play skip-bo with me til I win.

8. He's patient with my hate to cook spells and is just appreciative when I do cook.

9. He's my cheerleader, in everything I do and try. He thinks I'm wonderful and beautiful!

10. He gives me my space.

11. I love when he looks at me and says "arn't you glad we stuck it out!"

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