Thursday, March 5, 2009

the best kind of visitors

My visitors came asking how my toe was, tell me could you ever ask for cuter visitors. Britton said she wanted to kiss it and since I'd just taken a shower I said yes, and she did.Sweetie that she is. Luna asked about it but had already seen it yesterday. Lance took his shoe and sock off and showed me his bo bo on his toe! Then we settled down and watched alittle T.V. I was crocheting and if you'll look closely at Lance's picture he'd found him a crochet hook and was wrapping yarn around it. He always wants to do grown-up things. Beth made me a wonderful brunch and Rachel put wash in for me. Arn't I blessed!


  1. I am coming over tomorrow!!!

  2. Linda,
    I found your sweet comment on my blog tonight. Beth is a darling girl and a dear friend. We enjoy your sweet family. Thank you for the quilt compliment, it is a fun pattern and I hope you enjoy it. You are more than welcome to use my post on your food storage blog - which I plan on perusing right now. I can use any direction I can get. Thanks again - Chelsi

  3. How is your toe today? I hope it is feeling a little better? Lv you! Tina