Thursday, March 26, 2009

need to feed a group?

Do you ever just need a good recipe for a little get together or a BIG get together or maybe something to snack on during the week? This is a yummy, easy, little thing to make. Last summer when I was in eastern washington visiting my sister-in-law ,she made it. ........she'd been served it at a baby shower and got the recipe. Gosh, I don't even know the name of I'll make one up.....hmmm let's see. O.K......

Chicken Ranch Spread

The amount of ingredients depends on how many your feeding.

This week-end I had about 25 people at my house (not joking)and

I filled my big pot with 9 or 10 russet potatoes, 8 whole carrots (cut in half)

and 5 chicken breasts.

Cook til done

Cool and cut in tiny cubes (hardest part)

cut in small pieces a lb. of bacon, fry til crisp

Mix all together , your dressing will be ranch with bacon.(Not plain ranch!)I used one and a half bottles)

I don't even salt and pepper it!

serve it in flour tortilla or best on top of a crispie corn tortilla!

The men seem to really love this! Its hard to stay out of. Enjoy!
Oh, and about yesterday.........I took a nap! So much for creativity!

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