Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a quick tutorial (whether you want to or not)

I thought someone might be interested
in how easy these little pictures are to
make and so much fun. You can really
use your creativity .
Start with a empty canvas either
the board or framed. I find the board
easier to work on. They come in all

Paint a background color or do a
anything you'd like with it.
One suggestion was to cover it
with masking tape and paint over
that for different texture.

I added polk a dots to this one
(I love the polk a dots)

Make any assesories you want
to add. Use watercolor paper.And
you don't have to add assesories, you
can paint the whole thing.

Next I painted the little shoe stand and glued
her head on with just elmers. My pictures
are out of order. Then I drew her body and dress
with a black marker. It looked terrible so I made
her a dress out of scrap book paper and covered
up my mistake.

Next I glued on the assesories and then covered the whole thing with elmer glue. After it dried I put another coat on.

Yea my pictures are all mixed up. Maybe someone can give me a tutorial on how to put pictures in!

Anyway it's not hard and a fun gift to make.

If you have any questions let me know.

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  1. You are so awesome Mom!! I love you so much!!