Sunday, April 26, 2009

holly hobbie



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Its kinda funny that my friend sent me this darling holly hobbie print for my birthday because I was just asking my daughter if the holly hobbie that wrote the "Toot and Puddle" books was THE "holly hobbie". So I looked it up on the internet and sure enought their the same . Holly was born in 1944. She began sketching this fetching little girl and she was first seen on American Greeting cards and it went forward from there. Grandma Cozette embroidered a picture of Holly Hobbie for the girls room , that I still have. In 2006 Marie Osmond brought Holly out again. So, I'll get to look at this cute material for awhile til I decide what to do with it. I'm thinking of quilting again, so that of course would be fun.Hope you all had a nice week-end. We had the day of all yesterday...mine and Sofia's birthdays, Annika's baptism, and little Cozette was blessed. Quite a day! I'm home again and back to reality. You know they say..when you do anything different from what you usually do its a vacation. I agree.

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