Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is this "Green" enough?

I just adore hanging my cloths out! They smell so wonderful and come out so nice. Jim put me up a cloths line last year, it fell down and now he's got it jury rigged to hold it up which is fine by me. I was thinking back and I'v been without a dryer quite a few times in my married life, I think three times I had a washer but, no dryer, in Tex. I remember hanging out cloth diapers in the middle of winter and freeze drying them(that was after stomping on them in the bathtub!) Oh, the good ole days!
Before my neighbor across the street moved I enjoyed looking out my window to see what color she had hanging on her line from day to day. She must have saved up her washing for awhile because she did her wash in colors. One day her line would be waving all red, the next it could be all orange or purple(her favorite color).But, it was always a splash of color I enjoyed.
So, I think I'm pretty "green" (as they call it these days) for hanging out my cloths and saving electricity!

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  1. I have fond memories of the clothes line at our house on Kimble Street...what a good smell. That, homemade bread smothered in butter and honey, and yellow roses.