Saturday, April 11, 2009

nothing like a small town parade

Here's the Easter bonnet float and those four
little darling girls in the middle are my grand-
daughters with their darling easter bonnets!

Abby in her bonnet her mom made her.

We actuallly missed the Easter bonnet float because we
were at home trying to get Meg (my great neice) to open
the door that had our keys in it. Her brother was the only
one that had any influence and he talked her through it.
For a little just 2yr. old she did great and finally opened the
door. Yea Megan! (Actually it was almost as fun as the parade.)

And then after the parade was over I went into my
favorite store to exchange a pair of shoes and ran
into my son Jame's and his family. There's Britton
showing me where she was hiding.
family, fun , and a nice nap!
What more could you ask for!

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  1. Thanks for taking us. Some of us had a really good time. You will have to e-mail me those car pictures. Love you.