Thursday, April 2, 2009

picture this

I was sitting at the computer last night doing some research on chronic fatigue with my cup of tea sitting next to me.(full of course) Luna came over to see what I was doing and get alittle cuddel and accidently knocked my tea over. far can a cup of tea spread on your computer table???.............your guess.Its hard because your trying not to upset alittle girl who feels bad yet your trying your hardest to get something to start wiping up! Well, it could have been worse. But, Lance was happy......... he got to help me take apart the mouse and see if we could dry it out so it would work. Still no luck. I'm on grandma's computer. (no tea).

So, after 20yrs. of having chronic fatigue I'v decided to look into getting some different treatment. Its just getting worse, I can't seem to control it anymore. But, before I do anything drastic I'v decided to do some "Bee" therapy . As soon as it warms up again and Jim can get into a hive I'll start having him sting me (with a bee)daily and see how I handle it. Bee stings have been known to help your immune systmn. I'm looking forward to know i'm desperate. Please say a prayer for me.

And then you can quit hearing me complain!


  1. That doesn't sound very fun. You must feel pretty crappy!

  2. Bee happy, Linda! I love you!