Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, todays the day! My manly man just took off for California with an trailor full of empty boxes. He'll be back Wed. morning with 550 full boxes of bee's. This trailor was made especially to haul bees. Its set up with a vent system so all those bee's won't die before they get home. 500 of the boxes already have homes and the parents that really love them will come get them thurs. as soon as possible and empty them into a new home ready and waiting for them. Its an awesome process and an even more awesome sight. By 9:00 Thurs. morning our driveway will be full of boxes of bees waiting to be vacumned . We get lots of hitchhiker bees that have to be vacumned off before they can be taken to the store. That's where I usually am, unless I'm watching little ones. The bees are so disoriented that their not interested in stinging so you don't even have to wear gloves to handle them. I'v never gotten stung.(famous last words) Then their taken to the store where their parents are waiting for them.

Its a sight to behold!

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