Saturday, May 23, 2009

alittle too much

It was such a lovely day yesterday and I had so many projects calling my name, I probley did alittle too much , my back is telling me. Took some meds. this morning and sat around holding little Cozette while MammaLia got the holligans ready to go home. Cozette's already grown and is not looking newborn any more. It happens too fast. But, the smiles make up for it! Its been a fun couple weeks with little ones running all over, and their such sweet, nice children.( well...not all the time, but what kid is!) We might have talked them into staying alittle longer but it they had, little bunny would be dead, and fish might be already.
So, I'm alternating between catching up on the season finales, cooking chicken, and doing alittle pick up. It makes me happy that my back deck is de molded? and sealed for another season. Now, if I can just keep my manly man from piling up junk on it!
So, since I don't have a camera again I wanted to show you some cute pictures of ideas to decorate your garden. I couldn't do the plates because of kids, well I might try it, I think its darling. Enjoy this great week-end!

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