Sunday, May 10, 2009

anyone seen my camara?

Seriously, has anyone seen it? Can't find it anywhere!

I was telling my granddaughter yesterday I couldn't take pictures because I'd lost my camara. She looked at me seriously and asked if I'd prayed about it because "it always worked for her". Ahh, from the mouth of babes. Thanks for teaching my grand-children well, parents.(no, I did pray about it, maybe I just havn't looked well enough)

But, if I don't find it soon I might have to break down and buy one! I'v been needing a new one anyway, just hate to spend the money!

Such a lovely day. I sat out on the porch for awhile in my bathrobe this morning,just soaking in the sun, the green (everythings spring green) and listened to the birds.

I glanced cautiously at the neighbors, who's little boy was told he might have swine flu yesterday. They sent a sample to DC but won't know for 2 or more wks. So, their kinda quarintined. His sister was at our house playing all morning but, she seemed fine. life

have a great mother's day!

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