Thursday, May 7, 2009

I love moms......

(my mother and siblings, I'm the chubby girl on the right, wasn't I cute!)

You've probley noticed a theme this week on my least I Hope you've noticed a theme because there has defiantly been one! When I was at Lia's a couple weeks ago I was taking some test on the computer about "who" I was and I asked her if she thought I was this , this , this , or passionate.(can't remember the other ones). And I was thrilled she thought I was passionate. One thing I know I'm passionate about is MOTHERHOOD

I believe mother's if at all possible ,should stay home with their children! Their is NO one (not even Grandma) who will love your children like you would. Something that used to always get my dandruff up was when someone would say to me "your so lucky you get to stay home with your children." Luck had nothing to do with it.It was a choice, and we made alot of sacrifices to do it,.........none of which matter at all now.

Of course there's lots of reason's why children need to have mom at home but I never saw it as affecting the husband until Sarah told me a quote by Dr. Laura. " A man will never reach his potential if the wife works outside the home". Something to think about.

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