Saturday, May 2, 2009

North of us, toward Vancouver are the most beautiful tulip fields. We've gone quite a few times. I remember going with the children one spring break, and it was such a nice outing...freezing but fun.The colorful fields are just unbelieveable. Sarah has fields in Oregon also about an hr. from them. I'm stealing some pictures off her blogg to show you the beauty and of course my cute grandkids.

And then Lia came over yesterday and took her children to the fields, they'd never been and it was an absolutly gorgeous day out. They brought me back some yellow and pink tulips. I just love em.

We had a nice day today , lots of cousin playing, my friend Margie and her children were over, and we got lots of weeding done. Is it just me or does everyone have alot of weeds? Jim went with the kids and picked out a dozen baby ducks.(ours all got eaten last year) We'll try to be better parents this year. It just dosn't seem right not to have ducks walking around the yard.(and they keep the slugs down). I just love them.These are runner ducks.

Sweet Lucy fit just perfectly in this little wagon and James thought he should be pulling her , not me!

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