Friday, May 22, 2009

were back!

Well, we had a wonderful week. The scenery was breath taking, such gorgeous veiws of Mt. Rainer. Driving up there at some points there was probably 10ft. of snow still on the sides of the roads, but, as we went over to the eastern side of the Mt. the snow disappeared. We had alittle rain one day but the rest was so pretty. You probably missed my pictures, and there's a reason for that, I'm afraid a sad reason. I was so careful to document the camp experience for the girls since Sarah was busy teaching classes, and I did a great job, got some darling pictures but........I'm afraid the last day on the lake canoeing my documentation decided to be one with the lake. Another camera bit the dust. What's really sad is it wasn't my camera, it was Becky's.(How much do you love me Becky?) When I told my mother-in-law she said "well, remind me to never loan you my camera!)

10 fun things about our trip:

1. riding up with Sofi and Annika(their a riot)
2. seeing a black bear run in front of our car!
3. watching the children learn about being prepared
4. being called Grandma by all the children
5. trying to get to sleep in a dormitory with 30 other people!
6. seeing brand new baby geese on an island while canoeing
7. following Lilly and Elise around
8. singing "Baby Bumblebee" with the Kangs and Romero's
9. meeting new people
10. Chloe telling Hannah not to be afraid of volcanoes "You'll
be having so much fun you'll forget all about it" (tis was true)

1 not so fun thing about the trip:
1. I had two ticks on me!!!!!!!!!

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