Friday, June 5, 2009

bad goats!

Well, the goats have continued to be very bad. Even after escaping last night and eating at the blue berries my manly man didn't act that concerned. But, as I sat down at the computer this morning I heard someone yelling (in a not so nice voice),"you get out of there~get over here,get up there!" He put them up on the deck while he found their escape route. (great poop on my deck!) Well, I hear hammering(new fence pole). Last night when they got out the neighbor boy was over with his dog,who of course found great fun in chasing the goats around and around in a circle.I kinda hoped maybe it scared them enough that they wouldn't try to get out anymore. guess, grass on the greener side is more of a pull! Oh, man they are nibbling at my table cloth! Now, I get to yell at them. Hurry up manly man.

Well, I finished the actual painting of the walls....and I love it. It feels so clean, and much more me. Now, to start the molding.......

Lia and the holligans are coming today for Maddy's birthday party. Can't wait to see how Cozette's grown!

Have a great day ladies!

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