Thursday, June 4, 2009


This cute little book caught my eye and I thought of Page, a friend of Lia's(my daughter)who has taken a four month pledge to not by anything new for four months.Page seems like a neat kind of gal who makes dresses for her little daughters out of old men's shirts.(and their darling) During the depression it wasn't such a big deal to do that since they really didn't have any choice. I remember watching one of my British shows when the Americans came over to England to help during the war and they said something about the British all looking kinda shabby and one of the British characters said "well, you see we've all been on rations for three or so years, so you'll have to excuse us". We're spoiled. But, I think alot of us shop at garage sales and recycle and reuse. I know my children wore alot of hand me downs and garage sale items, or sewn by me. Aah, the good ole days.

These are little wedding hats that were a MUST then! They used some creativity in making them when they wern't able to buy. Buttons, pieces of lace, pipe cleaners.It's real cute!
I have my great-grandmothers old collection of hats that I just love and have been worn by my children and grandchildren. Lia used to wear them in High School when she was going through her "Black" stage and "I'll be different" stage.They looked darling on her. I think my grandma would be happy someone thinks her hats are so cute and enjoys and appreciates them.
These hats arn't mine since I'm to lazy to go down in the storage room, unpack, and take pictures but, I thought these were so cute. I think theres something in all of us that wishes we could wear hats to church!

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