Thursday, June 11, 2009

granny sqare projects

Another lovely day. My manly man and I were commenting this morning that this is the dryest May and June we can ever remember....not that were complaining because its been wonderful. I mean it's just been perfect. Watched little Natalie this am, got the carpet cleaned (so lovely)(their amazing, to make my 16yr. old carpet look so nice)and had a birthday lunch with dear friend Margie, and tonight I'm going to go play ?bunko? with my daughter-in-law Beth. Should be interesting.

As I was working on granny squares last night while I watched t.v. I thought I'd find some new patterns on the internet. out you might be getting one of these for Christmas next year!!!!


  1. OOh! I think James needs one of those ties! Can't wait for Bunco tonight!

  2. don't need to make Tony one of those ties. :) I think different colored granny squares would look super cute around the hem of a dress or skirt!