Friday, June 12, 2009

ummmmm strawberries

(Y'all know I was just kidding about the tie?!!)

Oh, to wake up to fresh picked strawberries out of the garden......ah, the flavor bursting on my tongue as I bite into one...ummmmmmmmm there is nothing like it. Funny how things are wonderful from the store but, when you eat a home grown tomato, comparison. Where ever I've used compose out front, I've got squash and cucumber plants coming up around my flowers, their actually doing better than the ones in the garden! I don't mind having veggies out front!

Were heading over the Mt's. tomorrow to go to my sister-in-laws retirement party.
Its a four hr. drive both ways. James and Beth and the girls are coming so we can take turns driving and enjoy each other's company.Looking forward to seeing family.

Have a wonderful week-end where ever you are.Love to all!


  1. I love the first picture. Are those your strawberries or are they pictures you found online??

  2. Love the strawberries, I am growing some this year, never grown them before, I had my very first strawberry appear 4 days ago! ha,ha Hope you had a good time at the party...

    Priscilla x

  3. i love strawberries. i want to eat right now, it makes me feel craving!