Monday, July 27, 2009

10 things I'd like to journal about

When I was going through therapy for childhood sexual abuse (ten yrs. ago), one of the things my therapist had me do alot of, was, journaling. Per say , writing is not one of my strong points but, some of our greatest literature & poems, are written in times of greatest darkness and despair.Not that I became a great writer over night by any means but I did surprise myself at times. I wrote some poetry, a few I kept but alot I threw away. Now I sit down to write and my mind is totally blank, and I guess thats good in a way. One thing she had me do at times was to write to myself with the opposite hand I usually used. This really works! Things come out of the pen that make you say to yourself, "Where the heck did that come from?". Its very interesting. Journaling is wonderful therapy, but, I'm happy that my journaling now is journeling that I can keep. Here's a list of things I'd like to journal about:

1. things I'm grateful for.

2. things I like about myself.

3. things I'd like to do when I have time.

4. things I'm doing right in my life.

5. sacrifices I'v made.

6. Places I'd like to visit.

7. things I'd like to tell my children.

8. good childhood memories.

9. ways I'd like to improve myself.

10. things I'd like answered.....

You'll probley be hearing more about this, as I'm trying to get to know myself better through journaling.

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