Monday, July 13, 2009

new members of the family

Jim took the kids with him out to the country to pick up the chicks.

Our new little chicks came from these egg shells, aren't they beautiful. So, when they start laying we'll have chocolate eggs for breakfast.

Our new chicks are Black Copper Marans, their alittle pricey (we traded for bee equitment)they have feathers down their legs and are really pretty full grown. Our chickens are getting old and only lay an egg every couple days now. I actually had to buy eggs at the store. We'll probley eat them sometime soon.

Joey wants a baby chick so badly he's driving himself nuts! He lays outside the door alot of the day just waiting for his chance to pounce. chill Joey!

I'm going to Portland today for the rest of the week. Sarah's doing girl scout camp with the four older girls this week so I'm going to watch Lilly and Elise. Tough work! Hope you all have a nice week, love ya!

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