Friday, July 24, 2009

a place for the cloths pins

Can you believe! I sewed yesterday! I made Beth and I a clothespin bag for our clothes lines. Her new house is going to have one! The pink one of course is mine to go with the pink clothes line. The black and white is vinyl table cloth material, so easy to make!

Hope no one will be offended by my little story. Last night I was watching grandchildren and little Natalie was getting tired and lay her head on my chest.(her mommy is very well endowed)She lay there for a moment, lifted her head and pulled my shirt out alittle and said, " whered it go?". She did that a couple times trying to figure it out and then gave up and got down. TOO funny!


  1. What? No booby-pillows?

    Clothes lines are so cute. My neighborhood restricts cuteness.

  2. LOL Love the story about Natalie.

    Cute clothes pin holders.