Thursday, August 6, 2009

100 things about me

l. when I was six I got my dream fluffy slip for Christmas. We had a family picture
taken and I have it on.
2. I ran over my brother's neck(with my bike) because he wouldn't move off the side-
walk.(he was fine)
3. My science teacher in 8th grade claimed I hurt his feeling because I always read
in his class.(I hated his class)
4. My biological father left us when I was three, my mom was six months pregnant and I had a brother and sister. No one ever saw him again for 35 yrs.
5. I was in love with my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Swensen.
6. Whenever I was mad growing up, I would clean. I don't know if my parents ever caught that?
7. I took piano for awhile in Middle School. Everytime someone came to the house my mom had me play "Born Free" the only song I had memorized.
8. Every summer we did the summer reading program, I still remember getting my booklet stamped.
9 My mother loved licorice, she would send us up to the corner drugstore with a dollar and we would count out 100 pieces of red and black. In the winter it would be frozen when we got home.
10.I remember visiting my mother in the hospital after her hysterectomy with my best friend, we were walking downtown to get new tennis shoes.
11. Our favorite family treat was going to Dairy Queen, or A&W. Dilly Bar's and Rootbeer floats.
12. I have an older sister Penny, older brother Ric, younger brother Mark, and little sister Liz, and two older step brothers.
13. I learned to water ski when I was pretty young but, before that I spent alot of time being dragged around, usually underwater. I loved water skiing!
14. My mother re-married when I was six, I was so excited to have a daddy again.
15. I had alot of nightmares when I was young about the Russians attacking the US, I imagine alot of kids my age did.
16. I think I read every biography in the library in grade school.
17. In second grade I was in love with Richard Wesson.Black hair, baby face.
18. My sister and I always did the dishes and I always had to dry which I thought was really unfair.
19. I remember hiding behind my mothers skirts when I was little.
20. My first kiss was in 9th grade by Randy (wow I can't remember his last name!) my boyfriend. We had just gone to a seminary graduation and were outside the church.

21. I started teaching primary when I was 13.
22. I grew up on Elm Street, my best friend lived on Cedar and another on Cottonwood.
23. My older sister used to sneak out the window at night to meet boys and threatened me with my life if I ever told my parents.
24. I sewed alot of my clothes in High School and sewed for my little sister.
25. My mother went back to school to get her RN when I was in middle school.
26. I met my husband in 7th grade orchestra. He was first violin and I was second. He said he used to look at my legs....the days where we still wore dresses to school.
27. I was attracted to Jim in HS but, couldn't stand him, he was such a no it all!
28. We kinda "got together before he went on his mission, but, he had another girlfriend and didn't want to get serious.
29. He'd been on his mission six months when he asked me to marry him. He sent me a list with all the reasons why he thought I'd make a good wife and mother.
30. I said "yes" and then "Dear Johned" him twice. He got me back and married me!
31. I knew without a doubt he was the man I was suppose to marry.
32. We had six children , a boy, four girls, and another boy.
33. We knew after six we were through. I was always worried I wouldn't know....I did!!
34. We spent 8yrs. in the air force.
35. Jim was a Russian Linguist.
36. We lived in Calif.(twice), Texas, Nebraska and Alaska.
37. After the Air Force we went back to college and Jim got a degree in accounting.
38. He used it to get into the F.B.I.
39. Our first assignment with them was in Houston for almost 10 yrs.
40. We knew we were suppose to be there, but, we hated the weather, bugs. and being so far from home.
41. We made good friends there.
42. The schools were great!
43. We went to the Austin area for several camp outs with the children.It's quite a sacrifice to camp with your children in Texas.
44. We loved hanging out together as a family, and loved having six children. We both wanted to be parents badly.
45. I tried babysitting to supplement our income. It was never a great experience, not so much the children, but, the parents.
46. I was diagnosed with depression when we lived in Tx. That was one good thing that happened there!
47. We loved swimming in the neighborhood pool and the children were in swim team which was kinda like swim lessons for them.
47. We loved reading to our children. As we got more children we'd have the older ones read to the younger ones. I think I even offered money.
48. We loved living in Alaska it was really a laid back atmosphere, it seemed like family night every night.
49. Too bad my depression was so bad there.
50. I lost a baby in Alaska, I was 5 months along when he died. That was really hard, even though we knew it was for the best.
51. I love detective shows.(Poirot, Magnum PI, Matlock, NCIS, Monk, Rosemary and Thyme.....)
52. I want to "Live" in the mountains where I can smell the mountain smell all the time.
53. I LOVE the ocean, listening to the surf, smelling the smell.
54. I struggle with trust and sometimes don't let people get close to me.
55. I have almost 20 grandchildren and am in love with them all.
56. I so wish I had more energy for them.
57. We own a bee supply store in downtown Snohomish.
58. I find myself afraid to have fun.
59. I can live in my house when its messy, while I patiently wait til I can clean it.
60. I can't stand to have a messy yard.
61. I love the gospel! It brings me peace, comfort,joy and makes me a better person.
62. Sometimes when I watch Jim I fall in love with him all over again, at the most unusual times.
63. And that's a good thing.
64. I'm so thank-ful my children love me and like me.
65. They say when your doing something like this you need to do it all in one sitting. Things come up when your pressing your mind. It's not been as hard as I thought.(maybe I'm not doing it right)
66. I had the wonderful opportunity to do some traveling with free flying through a friend who works for continental airlines.
67. It was a blessing and helped my confidence.
68. I went to France to a yoga retreat(I'd never done yoga)
69. Went to Germany, stayed in a castle(aka hostel) on the Rhine River.Awesome
70, Went to Ireland and had a life changing experience.
71. Went to Italy twice, once with my brother and more recently with Jim. LOVE Italy.
72. Love old doors.
73. Love anything old.(which relieved my husband since he's getting old)
74. I love a spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate frosting.
75. I hate talking on the phone, I can never think of things to say. I'm OK if someone does all the talking.
76. Love hanging out my clothes on the clothes line, the smell, I wish I could bottle it.
77. I love things I can feel like material, linens, quilts...
78. I was in therapy for a few yrs. I probley wouldn't be here without it and even though its the hardest thing I'v ever done, I recommend it.
79. I'm not much into deep things, my brain just dosn't seem to want to do it.
80. I wanted to be a nurse and still feel drawn to the medical world.
81. I'm not very dependable, but, am trying harder.
82. I need alot of time to myself and get alittle cranky when I don't get it every once in awhile.
83. My husbands very patient and is good about giving me my space.
84. I love when our family all get together and everyones talking and laughing and kids are running all over our yard having fun.
85. I want to go on a mission with Jim, I'm just not sure we will. I hope my body will let us someday.
86. I'm a terribly neighbor.(again letting people in)
87. I love watching my children mother their children, it brings me great joy.
89. I'v done jounal writing and have done alot over the years.
90. I like being home.
91. I love looking a real estate.
92. I like geneology and knowing about my ancestors and feeling connected to them.
93. I love having some of their things around me, its somehow comforting.
94. I wish I was funnier.
95. We lost our oldest son Jonathan to cancer when he was 18 and I lived through it.
96. We have lived in Snohomish Washington for 16 years and have loved it here. We love western washington.
97. We retired from the FBI three years ago, they were good to our family.
98. I don't believe in spanking.(of course I don't have kids anymore !)
99. My life has been mine, a path that I know was made for me, I'v accepted, embraced and even been grateful for it.
100. I believe in kindness. "At the end of the day, all that matters is kindness"

Wow this was alot easier than I thought it would be!


  1. Wow. You're miraculous. I just loved your 100 things about your life. I guess you ought to write 100 more, though. Write how I borrowed Lia for Mother-Daughter Dinner once, because I didn't have a daughter. Hee Hee. Love, Candy

  2. lol! you're funny, Candy =)

    Mom- can you believe I didn't know some of those things? I'm glad you did that, what a good read =)

  3. wow that was really good ! I could never do that or it would take days! I do remember something you didn't mention (or maybe you did) somehow I remembered something you said when we got to talking again you loved interior decorating and had a portfolio. Did you ever see the quilt grandma Robinson made for me way back(for when I was born) but didn't finish till (forgot the year) it is WONDERFUL and will take some pictures if you would like to see it is a SUNBONNETGIRL quilt and it is magnificent she was the BEST seamstress will just LOVE this but it has to be seen in person and every square is different scenes my girls fight over it who will get it??!! now that I have gone on and on...Penny

  4. why does google say LOVE ? hum

  5. by the way was that poor Rick you ran over his neck???!!! it was poor Rick that I hit in the head with one of those metal play phones...boy he has terrible sisters!!

  6. Thank you, mom. That is fabulous. You need to write them all down for me on a scrapbook page so I can have it in your own handwriting.