Sunday, August 16, 2009

girls only fishing!

Took four little girls fishing at our neighborhood lake yesterday! Jim was nice and didn't say anything when I asked him where the fishing equipment was. We ended up with only one rod with weights on (that was beyond my scope). We only found one worm while digging for worms, so we used "power bait"?. We didn't catch anything but saw one fish swimming about , and were sure Abbey had one on. It was alot of fun. See, not just Grandpa can take the grandkids fishing!
After we got home Lia and Tony and the kids showed up and we had a great visit with them.Becky and Mike, James and Beth all came for pizza and then we roasted marshmellows, and just enjoyed each others company. Love my family so much and feel so grateful our kids like to come visit. Good to see Tony back to himself again.(He's having a job change...for the good). The kids played madly outside, picked blueberries,plums,cucumbers,squash, and dug for potatoes............and that makes the garden all worthwhile!! None of the kids wanted to go home today, some cried (which always makes me feel good) but, their all signed up for swimming lessons this next week.

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  1. You are the bestest mom and grandma in the whole wide world. My girls had fun fishing with you.