Monday, August 10, 2009

pie,brains,&how do they go together??

Isn't this a darling quilt! I grab a bunch of quilt books when I go to the library(even though I know the really good ones have to put on hold).After pouring through probley 8 books this is the one quilt I'd like to make.

This book jumped out at me when I saw it and I just finished reading it.Our son-in-law Chris had a stroke almost a yr. ago and I wanted to understand more of what he went through.Jill Bolte, a harvard brain scientist, had a massive stroke at age 37.Shes a wonderful person and I found myself learning more about my brain and it surprised me how in the end she was teaching us that "we can all uncover feelings of well-being that are often sidelined by "brain chatter". a few quotes I loved from her: ~fortunately, how we choose to be today is not predetermined by how we were yesterday~

~I view the garden in my mind as a sacred patch of cosmic real estate that the universe has entrusted me to tend over the years of my lifetime~

~The easiest way I have found to humble myself back into a state of peaceful grace is through the act of gratitude. When I am simply grateful, life is simply great!~

Blackberries are here! We fight them all year, out of our gardens, out of our grass, but how fun to step just about anywhere and pick to your hearts content! Rachel, Luna and Lance brought us this beautiful pie yesterday and a jar of blackberries that I immediantly had over icecream. Thanks Rachel!


  1. That pie looks yummy. I have several quilt books you gave to me some years ago. Would you like them back? We are getting ready to move again and they probably won't be able to make the move with us. Love you.

  2. Did you know Dr. Horsley had a stroke President's Day weekend in 2000? I never prayed so hard in my life; have since though. Scares me to think about it to this day. He has recovered nicely and has become a much better doctor because of the experience.