Wednesday, September 23, 2009

canning freenzy

Pumpkins for everyone!

This is the most incredible chopper! You know theres alot of them out there but this beats them all. Sarah brought it with her, she got it at a garage sale but you can get them new at William-Sonoma's.

It's Wed. and were still canning! Peaches, pickles, spaghetti sauce,salsa,peach chutney.....more peaches today and my manly man's gherkins are ready to can. Sarah's over staying at Rachel's this week and they both pitched in. I think they made applesauce last night?? So........everyone going to be exhausted for the family reunion this week-end.It should be a nice peaceful week-end at Zion's camp. I've actually not helped much, this is my exhausted week, catching up on rest! I got the kitchen cleaned up this morning and am going to hang a load of cloths out and that might be it for the day.

Started ww yesterday with a friend, so I've got all kinds of emotions rumbling around, but, I want to do this! If I could just do a few pounds before we go to England. Oh, yea.......Rachel and I are going to England for a week at the end of Oct. FUN, FUN, I'll tell you more about that later.

Have a great day! Love ya!

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