Monday, September 7, 2009

The children have really enjoyed our little doggie this summer, he gets pretty excited when they come, loves to lick the little ones (til he usually knocks them over).But, were going to let him go back to his old family , come October. They've moved to Ariz. but their daughters going to take him to them. It's been fun but I don't like having a dog indoors (dirt on the furniture,hair everywhere), just one more to clean up after.And with the rain coming on and him going in and out, I'm just not up for that!
We've had a busy week-end, lots of people at the house. I love the feeling of "family" when everyones together. Tony and Lia came over just for the afternoon, bringing pizza and their presence of support...much appreciated. There was also a feeling of melancholy hanging over us, as our dear Rachel realized her and husband Michael will be splitting up.Sadness for all involved. Doing the right thing is hardly ever easy.
Mike and Becky got moved and as we speak are unpacking at their new house, James and Beth are painting at their new house getting ready to move this next week-end. Tomarrow I take the girls to meet their mom,, it's been so fun having them here. Autumn and Chloe went to the last day of the fair with Grandpa to day, looking forward to working in the petting zoo. Its pretty rainy, I'm sure attendence will be effected. We packed a big, yummy lunch , they were excited about that.
Grandma's job today......CLEAN UP!

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  1. You are going to need a vacation this next week.