Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Who says you can't plan a reunion in a week? So, here's the real story! We decided to do cousin camp everyother summer and have a reunion in between.

"So" says I. "Let's have someone be in charge".

"Oh, no" says children "no one needs to be in charge, we'll just make assignments".


" Next year someone will be in charge" says mom

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  1. Hi Linda. This is exactly how Steve's Parents do "Family Reunion". They reserve the place and make assignments for "together dinner". Everyone plays and eats on their own. This is a great "free" way to enjoy each other's company.

    THEN, the cousins all get together in the late afternoon (before dinner) and practice a play that has been written by the oldest cousin. Then on the last evening together, we all gather in an area where the cousins put on the play for us. MAN! It's always been so much fun... with props and everything.

    One time it was Pocahontas' story, one time it was on the Disney Cruise Boat. So many cute and fun times. I'm glad yall are doing this, and I'm sure there will be great pictures to come. LOVE! Candy