Friday, September 4, 2009

These cute samplers were free! Rachel and I went through and split them. I'm thinking cute little banners!

This beautiful pitcher has little cracks all over it....McCoy?????

shells for .50

this lard bucket is perfect for our new egg basket!

three girls and a grandma

Chloe designing her own plane!(and for only 19.99 we could have it put on a t-shirt)

Autumn concentrating


Three girls and a plane

oh, so quiet, everyone in bed even my manly man. He's getting up early with our granddaughter Rachel to make apple pies for the bake off at the fair tomorrow morning.You have to bring them warm, boy it'd be fun being a judge.
we've had a great week, some busy, some laid back. Done some fairing, working at the store, swimming in the Pilchuck,picked berries and made jam,made pickles for Rachel to take home,watched old home movies, today we went to the museum of flight and took the tour through the Boeing plant. Fascinating.

A few facts about the building the planes are put together in:

~Its the biggest building in the world!

~You could fit Disneyland, Calif. adventure in it and still have 14 acres left.

Well, both James and Beth and Becky and Mike got the keys to their new houses yesterday! Mike and Becky started moving tonight and will finish up tomorrow.Beth and James spent lots of money at Home Depot tonight and are going to spend alittle while fixing up before they move in to their little 1902 bungalow. I'v got five girls here tonight and we'll add Luna and Lance tomorrow. That's my part in helping.

Before we went to Everett today we did alittle garage saling....our excuse was we needed to find church shoes for Autumn, which we did find two very cute pairs for a dollar a piece! Score! And we found a few other goodies also, which came to less then a new pair of shoes would have cost! How, we make excuses in our minds for things we want but really don't need!

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  1. Oh good! Autumn went after all. The Boeing tour looks very... informative. Atleast you hit the jackpot of garage sales!