Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, it's just killing me.....I can't get my card reader to read my card with my pictures on it..you know that thing! So, I went and spent $20 this a.m. and got another one and it won't work either. Actually I think it works, but, maybe it's my card? Ding, Dang ! I guess I'll just have to write.

It's a gorgeous day out! So, after I took my manly man to work I drove to the river and walked along the path there. I did not want to come home, knowing I'v got to clean. I announced to my manly man last night that I wanted all the canning stuff out of the kitchen so I could clean it. He mumbled and grumbled but did it. Actually he moved the grape juice from the counter to the table. Does that count?? I don't think so! Yes, my manly man is a canner and I know I shouldn't complain , I'm sure some women would love their husband to can... the grape juice did turn out beautifully , all different shades of pink! It would come out of the juicer clear and then in the jar turn pink. We have a years supply of juice!

I'm behind three birthday presents for the kids, so I'v started working on a couple, I'll post pictures........someday.

Well, have a delightful day, friends!


  1. That grape juice did look pretty appealing.

  2. I think it looks like stylish grape juice. To sell to someone with a pink themed kitchen....hmmm.....doesn't it make you want to decorate a whole kitchen around it???? or a pantry!