Saturday, November 14, 2009

dreaming of babies......

our hostel in London

While little people dance around me and one right at my shoulder waiting to help , I'm sewing a baby quilt for pending little Jonathan,due to arrive the 30th. What will he look like?? What will his spirit tell us? They always bring such a peaceful, sweet spirit from their heavenly home. I love it.
I cleaned out the guest room yesterday, getting it ready for pending long term visitor (dear daughter Rachel), and then made the mistake of asking my manly man to throw away the things in the hall way. Big mistake, but, I should have known! He started going through it, setting some things to take to the store, some things to burn (eventually). OH! why can't he just throw things away like everyone else! but, was my mistake! Mon. I want to start painting it and hopefully son-in-law can put in new baseboards for me. So....a trip to the paint store today, I'm going for some form of brown...hoping it won't be to dark, its such alittle room, hmmmmmmmmmm.

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