Saturday, November 7, 2009

home sweet home

Its good to get away long enough to be happy to be home. Missed our first flight but finally got home last night. I slept 12 hrs. and feel pretty good. I feel like doing some cleaning so instead of telling you alot of what I'd like too I think I better jump on the clean thing !! Jims at work and I'v sorted through all my little trinkets I brought home for everyone and unpacked, thats a miracle in itself. And I'v got a pork roast on so I can make pork and dressing sandwitches for dinner.(my favorite thing in England)Lia and the fam are coming over today and I think I'll pop a pumpkin cake in also!
I need to go to England more and cleaning...its just not like me!


  1. So how did you miss your plane?

  2. We left Edinbough at 5:00 a.m. on the dot knowing that'd give us plenty of time. It took us quite awhile to get out of Scotland(very scenic) and then we hit some bad stop and go traffic for quite awhile.It somehow took us 10hrs. to get to London! So frustrating! We were just barely late.There were no other flights going out that day so we got a hotel room that cost more than all the hostels put together.But, it had a bathtub and tv which was lovely! Are you feeling better? Thanks for posting the pictures of Howards Castle your camara takes great pictures. take care