Friday, November 13, 2009

picky eaters

I read a blog about an American who's lived in France her married life and thought I'd share a story she told yesterday. Some of my grandchildren can be very picky eaters when they want too. Corey was babysitting her french niece and nephew while their mother went to London for the week. Before she left she made a pot of their favorite soup for them. So the first night Corey dishes up their favorite soup and they both take a bite and say "you made this, we don't like it". Nothing she could say would convince them that their mother made that soup. So they had noodles for dinner. I'm sure their mother will get a laugh out of that~

I'v found the one thing I can fix Lias children for breakfast that not one of them will complain about! BACON But, who dosn't like bacon! So, the last few weeks I'v made sure I have bacon in my frig!

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