Monday, November 23, 2009

sneak peek?

more gardens around our hostel in London

Oh, I wish I could show you a picture of the guest bedroom!Let me say , it is just awesome!As soon as I get the molding painted and put the room back together I'll post pictures. Mike worked wonders with it (as usual) and we all got fat eating cookies all day. The children would run in from outside, "How many cookies do we get?" You should have seen the look on their faces when I would say,"as many as you want"....priceless....It was a fun day.
Church was wonderful at Lia's ward yesterday, it was their ward conference and every talk touched me. We had a wonderful talk in Relief Society, encouraging mothers to teach their children morals. Basically if mothers don't teach them the devil will.It was a great talk and made me want to be a better mother. And then the highlight...witnessing our grandson receiving the priesthood from his father.Anthony is such a great boy, were so proud of him.
Now, off to the Tri-cities. The pass is wet and slush, shouldn't be too bad. Always an adventure and the most beautiful drive in the world! When I told our German exchange student once that I wanted to see the Alps , he pointed to the mts. and said "why, when you'v got these". Aptly said.

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