Thursday, November 12, 2009

this is what little girls in England look like

With the sun shining yesterday, the Veatch girls and I went for a lovely slow walk down the road.Sometimes we think children want so much, but, really I think they are simpler then we think. Throwing pebbles in a puddle, singing songs, doing karate with a stick, chasing each other and screaming as loud as you want...yep that simple.

One of my favorite days in London was the day I took off and took along nap and then went and sat in the park, watching people(I'm a big people watcher)walk by, kids calling out "mummy" (I can't get enough of that mummy, if my kids were still little I'd make them call me mummy!), knitting, enjoying a wonderful fall day.The simple things.

So what simple thing will I enjoy today? I'm looking forward to a friend coming for lunch and that simple quiet talking, connecting, feeling blessed.

enjoy the simple things today!

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