Sunday, November 15, 2009

walking to and from our hostel in London

more gardens around the hostel

If there aren't rock walls around pastures then there are shrubs, not all are this well pruned and nice. I actually didn't like these high ones since they blocked your view.

We have the best home teacher right now, who we actually have a past with. He was a missionary in our ward when we lived in Spring Tx. and remembers having dinner with us. Small world. Tonight he showed us pictures of their trip to Africa they just took. His parents were on a mission there and they went to see them before they left. I couldn't help wondering if that'll be us someday, over in some obscure county. I try to live each day as it comes but, its hard not to wonder sometimes what life will bring. Could I handle a mission? I'd love the chance to serve, the chance to spend time with Jim, and the opportunity to grow spiritually together. We'll see what life will bring.

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