Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wonderful visit

The pass opened up just for us! Roads were bare and wet and the scenery was just beautiful!

Jim slept over the pass and then popped up and said "have I missed it!" He did alot of popping up on this trip. One pop up he said,"do you miss having babies?". I'm like, "where'd that come from?" Funny guy!

An hour after the pass were down into farm country of Ellensburg, where Jim , James Beth and my Great Grandma got their degrees from, and where Rachel was born and is going to go to college there in the fall.

Then down to the Columbia River gorge.I have so many childhood memories of the gorge and to this day just love its beauty.You can go and see cliff writings on the walls of the gorge, threes a great museum in Vantage.

I pretty much grew up on the Columbia River....I mean alot of the fun things we did were on or about the river. Floating it , skiing on it, looking for arrowheads on the shore, it was very much a part of my life.

tumble weeds were also a part of our lives. Did you know theres a woman who makes 35,000 a year selling tumble weeds on line? Small, medium and large!

Jim and I had alittle spare time and went around to some old haunts(we were both "raised" in Richland) This is the house I lived in from age 6-19.

I'm so mad I didn't get some better pictures, sorry Penny but I wanted to put one in .This is my sister Penny and Aunt Anne.

And this is my sister Liz and I.

We spent a wonderful couple hrs. at Annes house, so good to see Penny . I have alot of emotions that I really can't share because their kinda jumbled up but ,it was so hard to leave last night, I'm just so thank-ful we got to go. O.K. here's how I felt when I left. I just wanted to take my sisters and brothers in a circle and hold on to all of them....tight.


  1. awww....glad you had a nice time

  2. Oh! What a sweet trip. so happy you enjoyed it!