Sunday, December 6, 2009

bye bye doggie

I was feeling alittle bad as our doggie was loaded in the car of my daughter in laws mother.The children all loved him so much, but , what about when the children arn't here and I'm resenting the heck out of him. As I was doing alittle cleaning up after he left, I was feeling less and less bad. There was white dog hair everywhere,even up high where he couldn't get?Clothes that came out of the dryer had hair on them?Please tell me I'm not bad because that all makes me feel really unclean! Tomarrow I'll tackle taking all my slip covers off and washing them, then to get the carpet cleaned and I'll start feeling better.The dear dear girl that took him will spoil the heck out of him, I'm sure he'll be fine.(Thanks Becky!!)

Well, mommies coming home from the hospital today so we'll take the children over
in a few hours and they'll get to see Conner James for the first time.I made the mistake of telling Natalie and she was at the front door with her back pack! Madelynn
made a cake to take over, and they were busy finishing their corn husk dolls Grandpa was helping them make.(he has way more patience then me).Then I'm skipping church and coming home for a nap!mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Darn I LOVE animals but that is one of the reasons I don't get a dog.....I am so lazy in my older years! good you found a good home!
    Hope you are doing fine Linda Penny