Sunday, December 20, 2009

sniff, sniff

Grandpa finished another hat,this one for Maddy and she's holding the corn husk dolls they made.

My nose is dripping, my head is stuffed, guess I finally got the cold I'v been working all week to get! No church for me, darn. What a day to have to miss...the Christmas program. Were having Christmas dinner here tomarrow , since Lia,Tony and the Holligans are coming over.excuse me, sneeze,sneeze! But, I'll have lots of helpers , mainly my manly man who I told him , he was on call! I'v got my little surprises for the kids done so its just the food. Costco made the pumpkin pie and rolls and just have to heat the ham up and make potatoes and side dishes. Piece of cake.
Hope you all don't have too crazy of a week!

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  1. Oh yes we always have Costco rolls and I got a ham there and yum pies.Sorry you have a cold makes you want to just crawl in bed and stay there.Hope you have a nice Christmas! I am praying I don't get anything was sick last Christmas.Ron is in Ohio now till Xmas eve visiting his mom and family she is in the hospitial.Hope that weather doesn't go to Ohio.Love Penny