Saturday, December 19, 2009

the spirit.....

I was telling my daughter yesterday I still hadn't got the "spirit" of Christmas yet.It usually happens way before this. But, I think it's slowly coming. One thing that's helping is I've been feeling grateful, I've been seeing some signs of how God works in my life , usual I'm overwhelmed. You wonder what you've done in your little life to deserve to be so cared about,watched over. The other day I was coming home from my daughters house, the drive is beautiful, through the woods,so...I was trying to look at different things and at one point I looked up and swerved the car back on the road. I had been headed right smack into a telephone pole. Seriously there have been days that I shouldn't have been driving, and only through Divine intervention was saved from myself! I know God loves me, and I'm thank-ful I know that. That's up there with knowing your married to the right person.
If your ever down and wonder if God loves you I challenge you to get down on your knees and ask very simply,"God do you love me". I promise you'll get an answer.

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  1. Oh, Sweet Linda! I'm so glad you didn't drive into a telephone pole! Your sweet message teared me up this morning. Thank you. And Merry Christmas :o)