Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today is my moms birthday, she would have been 82. I was fussing about something yesterday and my daughter Rachel said to me "mom, just deal with it your old!", I don't think she even said, "your getting old".(not that she'd hurt me for anything)I really am trying to embrace it, but, any change in your life takes getting used to..right? And all day I've had this giant need for sugar, actually chocolate. Should I take a friends advice and "just let it all hang out?". I know I got myself into this situation..........unfortunately theirs no one to blame. but...beyond that its a beautiful day out, I can see the mountains out my window, the birds on my bird feeder,and........I got all my Christmas stuff put away! As we speak my daughter Rachel is turning in her divorce papers, a long awaited occasion , that I hope will bring her some peace.

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  1. You are so young, Mom. ...and don't take it to heart, Rachel has been calling me old since I was 21. :)