Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is Luna at her pokeman party, ...can't remember exactly who she was..bunny

Little nine month old Cozy has started walking,isn't she a doll!

Chloe's eight year old picture...dressed for a tea party.

Meat and Cheese Roll Recipe (or Sarah Rolls)

To begin you make an easy bread recipe or roll recipe daughter buys the freezer rolls from the store.(a really prefer whole wheat, so much flavor)
Shred a head of cabbage, brown a lb. of ground beef, I put in dried onions, alittle celery seed and some salt and pepper. Cook all of that together for about ten minutes.

shredding cabbage

Put some flour on the counter and pat out a circle of dough..

Put a tablespoon or so of the meat mixture on the cicle, topped with some shredded cheese.

pull the sides of dough up over the meat mixture and pinch together.

let them rise about fifteen minutes...

Bake at 350 for about 20min. or until brown on the top. When they come out I rub some butter on the top.

Grandchildren birthdays are starting in full force. Our daughter Sarah has five of her girls birthdays between Feb. and Apr. with the last one in Nov. So, this week Luna turned six and tomorrow Chloe turns eight, and the following week Rachel turns 12. Eight is a special age in our church because that's when the children get baptised. Chloe will be baptised the second week-end in Feb.(I better get that baptism dress made!) So, that's where we'll be the second week in Feb.!
So, yesterday Luna had a pokeman party and Chloe had a tea party. The pokeman party was here , and take my word there were alot of children having a fun time. lots of food,talking and just downright enjoying each others company.

The night before the party I made one of our favorite family recipes that we really don't have a name for. We just call them meat and cheese rolls.I guess we should come up with a name for them.hmmmmm?I first learned to make them when Sarah was a new baby and we lived in Calif. My manly man was learning Russian at the Presidio in Monterey Calif.We had no family, and I just had my third baby. Someone from church brought these rolls over to us. Can't call them california rolls(thats taken)Sarah rolls? ............ anyway I'm going to share the recipe with you...enjoy


  1. I am making these today ...look yummy!! Penny