Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have a little shadow....

I have alittle shadow
He follows me around all day,
If I sit down, he's on my lap.
When I cook, he's at the counter
on a stool.

He wants to help with everything,
how could I say no.
Always curious how everything works,
telling me I need to change the
batteries ...that's why it dosn't

As he watched the dryer get fixed
he told the repair man to move his
head, because he couldn't see!

He watched the carpet cleaner for
two hrs. straight, telling him something
every once in a while that no one understood.

Yes, I have alittle shadow,his name is
Lance and he's three.
I'm so thank-ful he loves his Grandma,
in a few years he might be too busy for me!


  1. ah how cute!!! Penny

  2. that boy loves you so's good of you to let him shadow you :)

  3. Those were the days!