Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As the sun continues to shine down on our beautiful Pacific Northwest, I am feeling a gratitude & amazement of what love can do. As we all feel a need to do something for the people of Haiti but, maybe don't have any extra money,or aren't a Dr. who can go and actually touch the Haititians, soothing their pain, there are things we can do. I think of Mother Teresa, who didn't just administrate, but touched every baby and child she could, with hope in her eyes. She knew that LOVE was what it was all about.They had the money to put automatic washing machines in the buildings but choose instead to have the people wash the cloths by hand, an act of love for those they lived with, knowing that nothing brings joy like service to your fellow being.

I follow a blog( ) that helps me realize the strength that lie within each of us.Each of us has or will go through something in our life that you would never have believed you could live through. Each of those experiences involves a tremendous amount of love, love is what brings us through. My prayer is that love can touch those in need.

When we lost our son I can't begin to tell you the "little" things that helped me through my loss.Little acts of love. Its kinda like a stone. Thrown in the water it sends out a ripple that keeps going on, so it is with a small act of love. Whether to our own child, someone in the hospital,a friend going through difficult times.

Reaching out in love is something we can all afford to do.

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